Antidote Cooperation Friendliness Caring

Dear Dr. Borba,

The neighborhood kids were over yesterday, and my kid acted like the biggest jerk. I don't know a nicer way of putting it. He hoarded his CDs and video games, wanted things to go his way, never shared, and was so uncooperative that I wanted to send all the kids home right then and there. For the life of me, I don't know why they stayed. Any suggestions on how to help this kid be more cooperative would be greatly appreciated.

—Craig J., from Orange County, California

Bad Attitude Act Out

"But, Mommy, he had a turn already. Do I have to give him two turns?"

"Why should I share my laptop with him? It's my house and my stuff."

"So what if I'm on the team? I don't want to do any work. Let them do it."

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