Bipolar Disorder Uncovered

BiPolar Explained

BiPolar Explained

Bipolar is a condition that wreaks havoc on those that it affects. If you suffer from Bipolar, chances are that your family suffers right with you. No matter if you are that family member trying to learn to cope or you are the person that has been diagnosed, there is hope out there.

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This eBook is the key to knowing if you are married to a bipolar spouse, and gives you the keys to what to do about it. Often, being married to a bipolar spouse can be one of the hardest things you go through in your life because emotions in your house can change drastically, and completely without warning. This book gives you the tools to deal with unexpected anger outbursts and guilt that many spouses feel. This book will teach YOU how to deal with feelings of guilt that you may feel towards yourself, even though you have done everything you possibly can to make your marriage work. When you get this eBook, you can order a physical copy of the book and get FREE shipping. Also, you get two bonus eBooks when you order: The Spouse's Guide to Bipolar Disorder Vocabulary, which give you the tools you need to talk to doctors and psychiatrists, and The Bipolar Disorder Rolodex which gives you the latest in bipolar disorder research. It is hard to go through a bipolar marriage without help; now you don't have to.

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Therapeutic Interventions

Require the child to sign a contract to not engage in self-destructive behavior and to contact a counselor or other concerned adult if the 7. Support the parents and the child in accepting hospitalization, if necessary, to prevent self-destructive behavior and return the child to emotional stability. understanding of the child's self-destructive behavior, its causes, and recommended interventions. (12, 13, 14)

Attention Deficit and Disruptive Behavioral Disorders

The other major disruptive behavioral disorder seen in this category is Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Children with this disorder are often described as being constantly and continuously negativistic, defiant, disobedient, and hostile toward their parents. These kids argue constantly, resist parents' authority, and defy or refuse to comply with their parents' wishes while deliberately doing things they know will annoy them. They are often angry, blaming, vindictive, and spiteful in a way that significantly interferes with the normal functioning of the family. Their stubbornness and resistance to directions, unwillingness to compromise, and deliberate continual testing of limits often leaves their parents extremely annoyed and exhausted. As the ODD child nears the end of the preschool age, it is apparent that the child's behaviors are consistently bringing out the worst in both the parent and child. ODD often occurs along with the diagnosis of ADHD, bipolar disorder, or Reactive...

Mood Disorders

This category includes Depression Disorder and Bipolar Disorder (BD). Both Depression Disorder and Bipolar Disorder are two common psychiatric mood diagnoses with a strong component of inherited vulnerability. Children whose parents have a history of a bipolar disorder, severe mood swings, serious depression, or a history of going for long periods without sleep are at particularly high risk. Adult bipolar disorders are characterized by having a manic episode(s) that may or may not be accompanied by depression at other times. During the manic episode, the person has an abnormally elevated or irritable mood for at least one week during which at least three of these other symptoms are present an inflated sense of self, a decreased need for sleep where three hours feels like enough, nonstop talkativeness, racing speech or having racing thoughts, extreme distractibility or inability to focus, an abnormal increase in activity or agitation, or excessive involvement in unwise pleasurable...

Adoptive Parenting

(particularly those with a history of contentious or late removal from the biological parents, a long stay in an orphanage, or a history of many prior living situations) comprise a large percentage of children, adolescents, and adults with subsequent psychiatric illnesses. Among the most common of these illnesses are Reactive Attachment Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, serious mood disorders, and addictive disorders.