Your developing babys behavior

When you feel your patience is running out, it may help to remember that your baby is growing up and will become less dependent. She is developing inner resources that will allow her to comfort herself and be able to wait a little for your help.

It's not always easy to see. There are stages of development that can look as though she is losing ground. For example, at around eight months babies often cry and cling when their parents leave them. It's a sign of their growing awareness and attachment, not a step backward. They realize when you leave a room you aren't there, but they haven't learned that you'll come back! And many parents whose babies are just about to begin walking find bedtime to be difficult. It's as if the children are so driven to be upright and moving that they can't let go enough to lie down, relax, and fall asleep. In fact, periods when your baby is "hard to live with" often indicate that she is about to make some big leap in developmentā€”sitting up, crawling, walking, and so on. Growing up is never a straight road!

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