What to expect at home

Joining your baby at the end of your workday can be an intensely happy time for both of you. But working and taking care of a baby can also be tiring. To make sure you have the energy to enjoy your family when you get home, remember to pace yourself, reorganize your household priorities (for the time being anyway), and get as much sleep as you can.

• Take care of yourself. You are likely to be tired for the first few months. Babies don't always sleep through the night when you want them to. And no matter how well your child is sleeping, the occasional but inevitable childhood illness can keep you up all night.

- Try to sleep when your baby sleeps. If you can, go to sleep for the night when your baby does, take naps when your baby does on days you aren't working, and trade off mornings of sleeping in a little later.

- Try to get some regular exercise. Taking your baby for stroller rides can be a great stress reducer.

- Make sure you eat nutritious meals.

• Try to plan and set priorities for yourself at home, just as you do at work. Your time is at a premium right now. You may want to use paper plates for a while or hire someone to help clean. Now may be a good time to review household responsibilities with your spouse to make sure your arrangement is fair.

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