Time just for me Impossible

Time for yourself can seem impossible in the midst of all the demands of a job and a baby. If you don't have enough time for those, how can you have time just for yourself? Well, it's not easy, but it's a necessity, not a luxury. You don't stop having needs just because you're surrounded by the needs of others. In fact, if you don't take care of your own needs, you won't have the physical and emotional energy to "be there" for others who depend on you. Time for yourself renews and refreshes you, and actually helps you do a better job in all areas of your life.

Time for yourself means finding someone else to watch the baby. This is not easy to do the first few times. Some new parents start by trading off with each other: Dad plays basketball on Saturday morning and Mom gets to read the newspaper in bed on Sunday morning. If you are lucky enough to have family nearby, maybe a relative would take the baby for a short outing. Check the high school sitters in your neighborhood. They often get home from school early and can come over during the baby's nap time while you run out to get a haircut.

Re-examine the expectations you have for yourself, and that others have of you, and scale them back to reasonable levels

Figure out your real priorities and focus your time on those

Try to maintain a sense of humor. Studies show that a sense of humor actually makes it easier to solve problems

Get help from friends and family

If you can, purchase services that relieve some of your burden

Strive to be a good parent and a good employee, rather than a "perfect" parent and a "perfect" employee

Don't forget that the baby will survive without you for a time— though it can be hard to believe that in the beginning. And the chores that don't get done while you're enjoying yourself will get done eventually—and will probably seem much less burdensome after some time for yourself.

As you face the challenge of being both a new parent and an employee, keep in mind that things will change. The hectic early years will give way to years that will be less demanding. It really does happen!

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