How will having a baby affect our relationship as a couple

Before you can ever figure out how to share the responsibilities of parenting, you need to understand the complex shifts in your relationship that occur when your baby is born. Babies are very demanding creatures—they have to be, since they depend on their parents for absolutely everything. And as parents, we find ourselves willing to make huge sacrifices—to give up sleep, uninterrupted conversation, romantic evenings—to ensure the welfare of our children.

Suddenly (no warning ever really prepares anyone for this), the focus of our attention is not "us" but "the baby." And if you are a couple, both of you are likely to suffer from this change. In the first few weeks, it's not so noticeable, because you're both so engrossed in the miracle of this brand new human being. But gradually, you may realize that something is missing—your time together as a couple.

When it was just the two of you, fun times together could be spontaneous. Dinner out, a movie, a walk—"together time" could happen on the spur of the moment, whenever both of you were available. Now that you have a baby who's completely dependent on you and who may be very needy and demanding, you have to plan for that time together. And there's not likely to be as much of it.

It's important to realize that time for your relationship won't happen without some preparation. But while you have to work a little harder for those special times together, it's worth the effort. It's very important to you and to your relationship as a couple. It's important to your baby, too, because his sense of security depends on the stability of your relationship. So, somehow, some way, you have to find time to be a couple as well as parents. This might not happen during the first three months, but it is important as soon as it is comfortable for you both.

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