What to feed my baby

I Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby. It will help you and your baby build a special closeness. It also will help protect your baby from some infections. Breastfeeding is usually easy, but if you have questions about breastfeeding, ask your health care giver.

I Newborn babies need to eat every 2 to 3 hours.

I For the first 5 to 6 months, feed your baby only breast milk or formula.

I Be sure any formula you give your baby is fully iron fortified.

I If you bottle feed, be sure to keep bottles and nipples very clean. Follow the directions on the container for fixing the formula. Hold your baby whenever you are giving the bottle. Enjoy the warmth and closeness between you.

I At about 5 months, start your baby on one new food at a time. Ask your baby's care giver about the best time to start solid (strained or mashed) food and juice for your baby.

I Ask your baby's health care provider what foods to give baby first, and which foods to avoid.

Feeding advice or instructions from my baby's health care provider:

If you need help, the WIC program may be able to give healthy foods for you and your baby.

New Mothers Guide to Breast Feeding

New Mothers Guide to Breast Feeding

For many years, scientists have been playing out the ingredients that make breast milk the perfect food for babies. They've discovered to day over 200 close compounds to fight infection, help the immune system mature, aid in digestion, and support brain growth - nature made properties that science simply cannot copy. The important long term benefits of breast feeding include reduced risk of asthma, allergies, obesity, and some forms of childhood cancer. The more that scientists continue to learn, the better breast milk looks.

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