Think I might be pregnant

If you miss a menstrual period you may be pregnant. A missed period can be caused by other things. For common signs of pregnancy, see the chart at right.

You may have all of these signs, or you may have none of them.

Go to a health care provider or clinic if you think you might be pregnant.

Your health care giver will confirm whether you are pregnant and, if so, estimate the delivery date of your baby. The sooner you know for sure, the sooner you can begin to get the care you and your baby will need, called prenatal care.

You will need to see your health care giver about 9 to 13 times before your baby is born. You may need to go more often if you have problems.

You may also want to attend childbirth education classes later in your pregnancy to learn the ways to make the delivery of your baby healthy and easier. Your health care giver can help you choose the right class for you.



Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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