My pregnancy, my new baby, and my family 3

My health history 4

I think I might be pregnant 5

How to get the prenatal care I need 6

What happens at prenatal care visits 7

What I can find out from the tests I will have 8

How to take care of my own and my baby's health 10

Warning signs 12

Signs of premature (too early) labor 12

Tracking my weight gain 14

My weight gain — week by week 16

What to eat for a healthy baby 18

What I eat 19

Records of my prenatal care 20

Preparing for baby ... breastfeeding 31

Preparing for baby ... a place to sleep 33

What to pack for the hospital 35

What baby will need at first 37

Preparing for baby ... car safety seat 39

Special memories about my pregnancy 42

Stages of labor 44

Fetal growth and development

Before my baby is born — signs of labor 45

When to call the doctor 45

After my baby is born — taking care of me 46

My postpartum (after delivery) care 47

Postpartum warning signs 47

Before I become pregnant again 48


My baby's birth record 50

After my baby is born — taking care of baby 51

Caring for baby at home 52

What to feed my baby 53

When to take my baby to the doctor or clinic 54

How to take care of minor problems 56

When to call the doctor 58

How to deal with emergencies 59

Tracking my baby boy's growth 60

Tracking my baby girl's growth 62

My baby's firsts 64

My baby's teeth 66

Records of my baby's health checkups 68

Acknowledgements 88

Record of illnesses 89

Record of immunizations 90

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