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2. What should I do about birth control?

3. Do I have any health problems that need continued care?

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Before I become pregnant again ...

Think about your own health first. Take care of yourself before you get pregnant again. Make sure that you and your family are ready for another baby.

Another baby will change your life in many ways. More babies add new responsibilities as well as new joys. Mothers and fathers both need to be ready to be good parents to another baby. Family planning services are available. For information, call your local health department.

If you have a health problem (such as diabetes or high blood pressure), try to get it under control before you become pregnant. Then you and your health care givers can work together to avoid problems and have a healthy pregnancy.

If you are healthy, it is still a good idea to talk with your care giver before you become pregnant about:

If you should keep taking any prescribed drugs.

If you should be immunized against rubella (get a German measles shot). Do not get pregnant for 3 months following this shot.

If you should think about genetic testing (to detect problems you could pass on to your baby).

If the time is right for you to try to become pregnant. Wait several months after you stop taking oral contraceptives (the "pill") or if you have just had a miscarriage.

If you should change your diet or gain or lose weight.

If there are other lifestyle changes you should make before you become pregnant (such as quitting smoking and drinking alcohol).

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