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ABA is intensive behavioural intervention based on the premise that all behaviours can be learned through a series of small steps which can then be built upon and positive reinforcement given. ABA programmes are usually for up to forty hours a week after baseline skills have been identified and a programme then drawn up accordingly.

Whilst some criticize ABA for being narrow and controlling, others report significant gains after following their approach.

Are you left scratching your head and wondering where (or if) to start now? This list of therapies and interventions merely skims the surface of the amount of approaches for parents to think about when searching for ways in which to best help their child. All I can say is to research fully, listen to other parents, and if possible watch the approach and the child. As a parent you need to find an approach that fits in with the needs of your autistic child, your family belief system and your family life as a whole and there is no reason why a package of approaches cannot be used in order to best suit your child.

Much evidence suggests that early intervention in autism gives rise to a much better overall quality of life for the child (and therefore the family). If as a parent, you are still on the diagnosis treadmill, then you can still get onto the internet or into the library and find ways to help your child whilst you are waiting for an official diagnosis. Good luck!

Understanding And Treating Autism

Understanding And Treating Autism

Whenever a doctor informs the parents that their child is suffering with Autism, the first & foremost question that is thrown over him is - How did it happen? How did my child get this disease? Well, there is no definite answer to what are the exact causes of Autism.

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