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Well have I put you off? Whilst my diary entries may have sounded as if I was tired and the holiday was too much for me to cope with - that just isn't true. I wrote at the end of a day and not every day. Each day we saw the wonderful sights of Disney World, coped admirably with the heat and I managed to cook for the special dietary needs of the children far more easily than at home. I also made sure that on many of our frequent occasions to the pharmacy, I spoiled myself by buying expensive beauty treatments and made a point of shaving my legs, applying face masks and liberally applying every concoction of face and body lotion imaginable in a bid to make myself feel pampered too. One thing having such a hectic lifestyle does, is to make one appreciate the little luxuries in life.

If anyone has any ideas that a holiday away from home, familiarity and all that home life entails may actually mean a break from autism, then unfortunately my advice would be.don't bother! However on the other hand you may also be pleasantly surprised. Whilst we were in Florida, Ben ate rice (a definite no in his usual fussy diet), tolerated a different yellow dummy, albeit for only ten minutes, to his usual special one, wore a pair of shorts even in the villa and hardly licked anyone or anything all the time we were away. Luke coped admirably with all aspects of the holiday and thoroughly enjoyed it and Joe delighted in having space and freedom to be as noisy and as speedy as he possibly could.

Many autistic children behave very differently at school to the way they do at home or at grandparents' houses, so it may well be that they realize they are in a different environment when away on holiday and so accept change far more readily than usual. For those of you who are thinking of embarking on such an adventure, I would say that if finances permit then go for it.. .there is nothing to lose and a wealth of memories and experiences to gain.

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