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The Big Asthma Lie Summary

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What Happens During an Asthma Attack

Asthma flare-ups are called asthma attacks. During an attack, the breathing tubes in your lungs, called bronchi and bronchioles, get smaller. During an asthma attack You cannot catch asthma. It does run in families though. If someone in your family has it, you or your children may too. The number of asthma cases is growing, and more people die from it every year. These deaths do not need to happen.

Asthma Triggers

Lots of things set off asthma attacks, though. These things are called triggers. Some people have only one or two triggers. Other people have many. Some triggers are things to which people are often allergic. Common ones are pollen (from trees and flowers) and dander (skin flakes from cats, dogs, and other pets). Also, some people are allergic to pests such as roaches, rodents, or dust mites. Dust mites are tiny spiders that you can't see. They live everywhere in carpets, upholstered furniture, stuffed animals, and bedding. Cigarette smoke is another common trigger of asthma attacks. Other triggers have nothing to do with allergies cold weather, exercise, or strong feelings (laughing, crying).

Should You Be Concerned

There can be so much CO in a burning building that breathing smoke for as little as one minute can kill you. Lower levels, such as from smoking, do not kill right away. They can cause many other health problems though. Children, unborn babies, people with asthma, older adults, or people with heart or lung problems are more likely to get hurt from breathing CO. But remember, CO harms even healthy people.

Richard Mike Mullane It Always Counts

Second, I always set extremely high goals for myself. Here, I was thinking well outside the box. Early in my life, I set a goal to be a military flyer and ultimately an astronaut. Too many kids set their goals based upon what their parents have done with their lives or what their friends intend to do with theirs or what their brothers and sisters are doing. Forget that You have your own life. Don't set goals based on others. Set your own goals and set them very high. None of us can be anything we dream to be. We all have boundaries. They might be boundaries of talent A case in point is Michael Jordan. His talent as a basketball player didn't extend to baseball. We might have physical limits bad eyesight, asthma, diabetes, and so on. My dad was in a wheelchair because of polio. But, within our boundaries, we should be setting the highest possible goals for ourselves. If you shoot for the stars and fall a little short and land on the moon, you haven't failed. You've done yourself a...

Trauma and Hippocampal Function

Sexual abuse (CSA) histories and PTSD had significantly smaller hip-pocampal volume than women with CSA histories without PTSD diagnoses or nonabused control subjects. Some researchers, moreover, have posited that smaller hippocampal volume is not a consequence of trauma or psychopathology but rather is a preexisting risk factor for the development of psychopathology following exposure to trauma (Gilbertson et al., 2002 Sapolsky, 1996 Stein et al., 1997). In addition, it is unclear how early in development trauma-related alterations in brain structure and function might occur, as most of this research has focused on adult populations and there has been little corroborative research on this issue with children. A study by DeBellis, Hall, Boring, Frustaci, and Moritz (2001) found no neuroanatomical differences between children who had developed PTSD in response to maltreatment and healthy, nonmaltreated children when the children were tested either pre- or post-pubescently....

Stress Effects on Memory

In essence, neural and behavioral development have an interdependent relationship that relies on reciprocal processing activities. Thus, one postulate is that if the process is somehow dramatically perturbed (either endogenously or exogenously), then the associated memory systems would take an altered developmental trajectory. Early damage to the hippocampus, including perinatal, results in a substantial loss of context-rich memory abilities (Bachevalier & Vargha-Khadem, 2005). High-dose prednisone treatment for children with asthma is associated with lower verbal memory skills than low-dose treatment (Bender, Lerner, & Poland, 1991). Given such findings, Nelson and Carver (1998) hypothesized that the developing nervous system is vulnerable to the deleterious chronic effects of stress on memory. Specifically, these investigators predicted that hippocampal-dependent memory should be negatively affected by substantial stress because of the effects of stress hormones on cell birth and...

What about work

You should also have backup child care plans in place. When choosing a regular child care provider, ask about their health policy and any backup care options in detail. Will they provide child care even when your baby is ill If so, what illnesses are they prepared to deal with Will they administer medications Are they prepared to care for children with chronic conditions like asthma

Common Allergens

An allergen is something that causes allergy signs, or an allergic reaction. Many of the asthma triggers listed on page 12 also cause allergic reactions in people who don't have asthma. There are many other allergens too. Some common ones are listed here. It's important to talk to your doctor if you have had a reaction to any of these Look at the questions on the following pages to help you find problems around your home that may make asthma and allergies worse. Pages 14 and 15 will give you ideas about how to keep your family healthy and safe.

Control Other Pests

Roaches and rodents can trigger asthma and allergies. They need food, water, warmth, and shelter to survive. You can control roaches, mice, and other pests by making these things hard to get. (See the chapter on pesticides on page 42 to learn more about how to handle pests.) Here are some tips to keep pests away

Dealing With Asthma Naturally

Dealing With Asthma Naturally

Do You Suffer From ASTHMA Chronic asthma is a paralyzing, suffocating and socially isolating condition that can cause anxiety that can trigger even more attacks. Before you know it you are caught in a vicious cycle Put an end to the dependence on inhalers, buying expensive prescription drugs and avoidance of allergenic situations and animals. Get control of your life again and Deal With Asthma Naturally

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