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Common signs of allergies include runny or stuffy noses, coughing, hives, itching, a rash, or puffy eyes. Allergies can be deadly for some people. When sensitive people come in contact with something they're very allergic to, like peanuts, their blood pressure drops, their breathing tubes swell up, and they can die from lack of air. The good news is that allergies can be treated. If you have allergies, it's important to find out what causes them and how to take care of them. A doctor can test you to find out. People with severe allergies may need to carry emergency medicine.

And a few more visitors

Whilst the children pester me for a pet and I dogmatically say no, I cannot escape the fact that our colourful household seems to attract far more than other children We did at one point have seven birds, one for each of the children, but as these died they were never replaced and I have to say that as much as they were part of the family and I was sorry to see them go, I was not sorry that I didn't need to clean up feathers and bird poo along with the mess and chaos created by the children. My sister has violent allergies to most animals, Sarah is violently allergic to cats and rabbits, and those are the allergies that we know about .and I am allergic to cleaning up after anything other than my hyper, destructive little two and my lazy, hormonal five teenagers For these reasons we have no pets at the moment.

Should You Be Concerned

It is not always easy to tell if your home has poor air quality. You may notice bad smells or see smoke, but you cannot see or smell other dangers, like carbon monoxide or radon. This chapter and those on asthma and allergies, mold, and carbon monoxide will help you ask the right questions to find out if the air inside your home is healthy and safe. They will also give you ideas about how to fix any problems you might find. Asthma and Allergies If someone in your home has health problems or is ill, polluted indoor air can make them feel worse. For example, asthma is a lung disease that affects a growing number of children. Indoor air pollution can make it worse. Insects and other pests can also be a real problem for people with asthma or allergies. For example, cockroach and dust mite droppings cause asthma attacks in some people. Pesticides can help fight these pests but they can be dangerous. See page 44 for more information about using bug spray and other pesticides safely. See...

Irritability and Crankiness

Childhood depression can present in toddlers and preschoolers this way. Ask your healthcare provider to make sure he doesn't have signs of depression, side effects to medications he is taking, chronic disease (allergies, ear infections, gastrointestinal problems), or developmental delays. Sometimes irritable or cranky kids serve as beacons of high family stress.

Dietary intervention

Once again Joe improved dramatically. However (don't you just hate that word ) it soon became apparent that there was more work to be done. Although his hyperactivity had massively decreased, he still had days when he was wilder than usual and I became an excellent detective, searching for clues as to what might be changing my busy, hyperactive little boy into a wild animal. I eventually had allergy tests performed and discovered Joe was allergic to sesame and again, changing his regular sesame bars for another biscuit resulted in another dramatic change in his behaviour.

Common Allergens

An allergen is something that causes allergy signs, or an allergic reaction. Many of the asthma triggers listed on page 12 also cause allergic reactions in people who don't have asthma. There are many other allergens too. Some common ones are listed here. It's important to talk to your doctor if you have had a reaction to any of these Contact allergens cause reactions when things like plants, cosmetics, jewelry, or latex (a type of rubber) touch the skin. Rashes are common reactions to these allergens. Look at the questions on the following pages to help you find problems around your home that may make asthma and allergies worse. Pages 14 and 15 will give you ideas about how to keep your family healthy and safe.

Control Other Pests

Roaches and rodents can trigger asthma and allergies. They need food, water, warmth, and shelter to survive. You can control roaches, mice, and other pests by making these things hard to get. (See the chapter on pesticides on page 42 to learn more about how to handle pests.) Here are some tips to keep pests away

Special instructions

Every household has its quirks the door that won't open unless you turn the knob a certain way, the temperamental washing machine, strange noises, and so on. Brief your caregiver on such items and make sure she understands how to operate all other appliances in your house, especially the security system, if you have one. Your caregiver should also have on hand your child's health insurance policy information written directions to your house, including cross streets and information on your child's blood type and any allergies he or she may have. On page 66 you'll find a medical release form to copy for your provider to carry at all times.

Allergic To Everything

Allergic To Everything

The human body And Todays chemical infested world. Here is a news flash You are not allergic to pollen, pet dander, or whatever it is that makes your body revolt Rather, your body just can not handle that one thing, what ever it is, anymore, due to the massive barrage of toxic chemicals you and everyone else are ingesting every single day.

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