Home Alone Tips and Reminders

• Start gradually when you first begin leaving your child home alone. Begin with small blocks of time—15 or

30 minutes—so that your child can adjust to this important change in your family life.

• Whenever possible, try to touch base often with your child. Either have your child call you at work to tell you he has arrived home safely, or check in by phone during one of your breaks at work.

• A cellular phone can be a godsend for parents whose children are home alone. If at all possible, consider getting one to keep in your car or with you at work when you are hard to reach.

• When choosing a backup or contact person to be there for your child, try to choose someone your child knows well and feels comfortable calling on.

• Remember that children home alone do get lonely.

Be resourceful about coming up with ways to make your child feel less alone.

• Commit to coming home when you told your child you would. Always call if you're going to be late.

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